Finally. An innovative solution to an old challenge!

Our product is an all natural hydrocarbon absorbent that attracts and stimulates microbial population to degrade any oil collected.
More Efficient & Affordable
Proven to save time and money because it eliminates the installation, removal and disposal costs, and track down-time associated with standard methods of oil remediation.
Powerful Protection
Survives in extreme temperatures, penetrating oil films between ballast rocks and inducing petroleum biodegradation.

About us

BDTM Inc. is a leading supplier of the best eco-friendly oil remediation products on the market today. Based on NASA nano-technology and tested over several years, we are confident that BDTM Inc. will change the way industries handle oil remediation. The application of our products is safe for the environment and saves time and money.


BDTM is derived from a NASA-developed technology, consisting of an engineered proprietary blend of waxes processed into microspheres that absorb diesel FUEL, oil, and grease.

BDTM is applied by hand or using a drop spreader or hydro seeder.

BDTM eliminates the installation, removal, and disposal costs, plus track down-time, associated with standard geotextile and oil absorbent material track mats.

BDTM survives in extreme temperatures and forms effective barriers.

Save money. Save the environment.

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